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What is Wetland?
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Many of you have already known what is the wetland generally, but the image of the wetland may be different from one to the others.

General images may be able to be classified into two groups; one of those would be the barren land of darkness and dampness, and the other would be the earthly paradise for various lives. Since the time now is called as Environmental Era, latter image may be dominant, but the formar image had been dominant histrically for a long time. "What is the image of wetland?" the answer for this qeustion could be changed dependent on the time background.

Formal definition of "wetland" can be found on the dictionary as followed;

"Wetland are the grassland developed at the area of low-temperature and high-humidity. Those are in general covered with peat, which has been accumulated over the long time, and are classified into several classes, such as low, intermediate, and high moor."

Wetland are able to classified as low, intermediate, and high moor in general based on the elevation where the wetlands are located. These classification are not statitc, but the wetland has been transitting over such a long time from low to high. The transition is due to the accumulation of substlate such as peat, and the spead of the accumulation is known as about 0.5 to 1 mm per year at the case of Kushio Wetland.

Large part of Kushiro Wetland has been remained as low moor. This shows the exquisite balance between the accumulation of substrate and subsidence of ground.

Low Moor

The wetland to be located at lower elevation. It constantly has inflow from surrounding. (See Detail)
High Moor

The wetland to be located at higher elevation. It occasionaly has inflow from rain or snow water. (See Detail)
Intermediate Moor

Intermediate form between low and high moor. (See Detail)